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I am an Introvert.


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theshoeboxqueen said: im gonna watch it …later

You’re going to watch it …now



omg i remember a few months ago i was kind of idly listening to a news report and the reporter was saying, “officials still don’t know how the woman mysteriously died; there seems to be no cause of death and the only unusual thing was a leftover smell of sulfur” and i just sort of slowly looked up


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In which Rose is a realistic companion/character



I was just reading a John/Mary ficlet and it wasn’t until it said the baby’s name was Dean that I realized I was in the wrong damn fandom





"actually we’re not"


"i get the feeling you don’t know"


"Arendelle’s in deep deep deep deep… snow"



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FMA MEME | Six Scenes [5/6] → "a king is no king without his people"

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I like emoticons like “uwu” and “eue” because I can’t see them as faces so I just read them aloud as noises and associate that noise with the appropriate emotion and it makes me feel like people are doing little friendly birdcalls at each other.

  • me rewatching season one of any show: I CAN'T DO THIS LOOK AT THEM THEY'RE JUST BABIES


wow i’m a teenager trying to figure out this horrifying dystopian world with minimal resources and constant terror while frequently fighting just to stay alive you know what i really have time for

a love triangle


I wonder what Tumblr will do when they find out that Robert Downey Jr is a conservative

The same thing they’ll do when they find out Chuck Norris is a conservative.

So apparently there are 64 episodes of Brotherhood, not 52 as Netflix has led me to believe.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand yay! more FMA to watch.

On the other… how dare you Netflix I thought we were friends we’re never watching anime together again.

I literally have 3 episodes of FMA left and my brother just stole the TV away… needless to say, I am angry.